Hopscotch: Feet

Hopscotch: Feet

Video projection on sidewalk at night.

This video documents the hopscotch game projected at night on 14th St, NYC. The video came out of a street performance. Young children jumped in immediately. Young adults were either playful or too embarrassed to play. Conversations with older people revealed nostalgic memories along with descriptive childhood stories.

The Hopscotch Formula

Daytime street performance.

The public is invited to participate in a spontaneous game of hopscotch. Their state of happiness is captured with a snapshot immediately after play. The activity, which could cover an entire city block, is a playful reminder of a youthful perspective hidden in all of us. A night-time video projection on the street features highlights.

This performance was created for ‘Art in Odd Places: Number’ show in collaboration with Susan Begy.