Cantankerous old men and biotches… more on census taking

On being an Enumerator, one who takes the count, house by house, apt by apt.

Yesterday was the bloody hell day for cranky old folks.  A perfect example of how uninformed minds justify violent outbursts… they just make up assumptions about something, spit it out, in your face, shout at you, accuse you of harassment, get off my property! I’m calling the police!

The guy was actually harassing Me, I’m standing there calmly not doing anything, nothing threatening, not yelling, and he’s screaming that I’m harassing Him!  Holy Moly!  I leave immediately, enough of this BS!

Ok next!

A couple of doors down, been trying to contact the people on the third floor, but they never respond to my nice explanatory notes.  “You don’t have to give any personal info.”  This finally on the third day of notices taped to premises.  The lady on the second floor, skinny smoker, sees me every time as she goes in or out, her sour looks would be almost too perfect for a movie, she comments- It’s none of your business!  I already sent mine in, I can’t give any information about anyone else, this with attitude and scowl.   A typical line from the uninformed.  Since she lives there, legally she can give info.  But she totally ignores anything I say.  Like would the world change if she just said how many people live upstairs?

She has federally funded senior center written all over her forehead.  Too bad she can’t make it out in the mirror.

So that was Thursday, first time I thought about quitting, right then and there.

Got a bunch more reject cases today, Friday.  These are the census forms that other enumerators did not finish, or who just gave up after trying to contact after six attempts, understandable.

Yet, I can see how easy it would be to take advantage of the system because nobody is watching you do this, nobody but the neighborhood folk, the unemployed.

So I was in a different neighborhood.  Made out ok, but, when I finally got home I saw the first pay stub in the mail, not so much, the job can actually be really hard, like yesterday, and the pay just is way too low for that kind of crap!

Oh brother, these days we’re just happy to have a job.


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