What Kinds of Energy Do You Use In Your Everyday Life?


Dear Stephanie,

Hello!  Yes I am planning a
different performance for this coming October, as the theme this year
has changed.  But I’d be happy to share with you the text that I
included in the Energy Shrine performance, that is if you are still
needing that.  It was a mix of information from different sources,
some even from some people that I met on the street there as I was
starting to paint the wall mural.  A father and son stopped there and
gave input on Einstein and physics.  Absorbing or digesting
information and energy is an amorphous and organic process.  The
performance was meant to provoke associative thinking, that which is
different for each spectator/participant.  The text includes facts,
related tangents and written observations from different time periods-
they may seem a bit disparate when taken out of context of the piece.

I’d be very interested to read your article on ethnographies and south bronx.


π π π π π π π π π π π π π π π π

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