Unites States Society for Education through Art – Queens Museum

July 19, 2015

USSEA Regional Conference


getting ready

Photo: Getting ready for our Pedagogy Group workshop at Queens Museum



The Queens Museum Open AIR Artist Services Program
is excited to partner with the New York City-based Pedagogy Group
in examining the intersection between pedagogy, art, and social change.
Members of the group will present a series of brief examples drawn from
their work. These cases will be the point of departure for a community
conversation about methodologies for educational practices that investigate
and analyze social contradictions, build political literacy, and support
community-based political organizing.

This tool uses the fun of the cootie catcher game to begin dialogs about why and how we do the work we do.



Let’s Talk About This: A Tool for Dialogue

1.  Cut around the outside of the square.

2.  Answer the questions drawing from your own experiences.

3.  Assemble the cootie catcher/fortune teller.

4.  Use the cootie catcher with a partner or group.

5.  If you are holding the cootie catcher and your partner selects a question, ask him or her to answer the question.

6.  If you are holding the cootie catcher and your partner selects your answer, tell him or her why you answered the question as you did.

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