Fraud trickle down = more streets and more pissed off residents

More on Census…

Though we had been told that the job was finished before, actually we had to work a lot last week, to re-do the enumerating- the busy bees like me are paying for the faults of those managers that got fired I guess.  I got stationed all over the place in Brooklyn, sometimes in the beautiful brownstones of Bed-Stuy and sometimes in other neighborhoods, Bushwick-Bed-Stuy like, that are wanting more.  Wasn’t feeling well on the last day of pounding the pavement in the 98 degree sun, smell of urine and garbage says enough.

Was thinking though, that I really got to see how different people live, block to block changing, walking around for hours you can really see what kind of shape everything’s in.  Most people just stick to a few familiar neighborhoods, of friends and events and that’s it, so, we just don’t really know this city.  Brooklyn is vast!

Some residents said that they’d already given the info 4 or 5 times already and were really pissed off.  The job was much more difficult dealing with angry fed up people who then refused to do it again.

Was supposed to get info on a basement address.  No doorbells, just an unpainted flimsy door and an open window, very dark inside, music blasting.  All I can say is Unconfirmed Illicit Activity.

At the end of the day we have to hand in our cases.  Everybody has to spend at least half an hour erasing the bogus information that was written on the forms previously, and filling in any info we got.  We used to meet in a community center that was nice (in photo) but it’s closed now so everybody has to meet up in McDonalds or Burger King.

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